Banana Splits

Banana Splits are good when you order them at a restaurant, but when you make homemade ice cream and all the toppings, they are fabulous!  At my slumber party we cut fresh fruit and made Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream Topping.  We also made homemade ice cream.  Here is how we made our banana splits.  I hope you make some too.

Ingredients and Equipment Needed:

Bowls for serving

Ice Cream Scoop

Spoons for dipping toppings

Knife to split the bananas

Lots of Napkins

All you need is ice cream  (homemade is best) and your favorite toppings.  Here we had fresh berries, bananas, of course, chopped nuts, whipped cream, chocolate truffle sauce, and cherries for the top. 


How to Make Bella's Banana Splits:


1.  If you're using fresh strawberries, cut the top off.  Don't cut too much, just as much as you need to get rid of the green stem. 2.  Slice the strawberries. 3.  Dip some ice cream into a bowl.  Slice a banana lengthwise and put it in the bowl.  Add toppings and eat!


4.  We had a lot of fun adding toppings to our ice cream. 



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