Homemade Hamburgers

Homemade Hamburgers cooked on the grill are really easy, but you need an adult there to help you with the grill.  We had my Grandma light the grill and then open the lid every time because we didn't want to get burned.  Now that I've made these a few times, I could probably do some of it myself, but Grandma says it's always a good idea to have an adult around when grilling on a gas or charcoal grill. 

Ingredients and Equipment Needed:

  Gas Grill Heated to High (at first)

Kitchen Scale - if you have it; it isn't absolutely necessary
Plate to take the patties out to the grill
Pancake Turner with a long handle
Clean plate to take the finished patties back inside

1 pound lean hamburger

Seasoning Salt

Slices of Cheese if you want


How to Make Hamburgers on the Grill:

1.  If you have a kitchen scale, it's easy to make each of the patties the same size.  Just put enough meat on the scale to measure 4 ounces.  Otherwise, just guess and try to make each patty the same size. 2.  When you get them the right size, form them into a ball with your (very clean) hands. 3.  Now pat them down into a patty.  I like to make the patties very thin because when they cook, they get smaller around and fatter.  You want them to fit on the yummy buns.


4.  This is how the patties will look when they are ready to cook.



5.  Bria is grinding pepper on her patty.  Pepper tastes a lot better if it is freshly ground. 6.  I'm grinding Lemon Pepper Seasoning on mine.  You can use your very favorite flavor of spice on your hamburger patty. 7.  Have an adult help you put the patties on the grill.  I turn the side that I'm cooking on to off and leave the other side on.  That way my patties don't burn.  Once you put the patties on the grill, shut the lid and cook 3 or 4 minutes.




8.  Now open the lid and turn the patties.  Don't these look good? 9.  If you like cheese, put it on a minute or two before the patty is done.  Shut the lid and let it melt.  If you put it on too soon, the cheese will melt too much and run all over the gill; it won't stay on the patty.  It will make a big mess and a lot of smoke, too.


10.  Once you put your hamburger patty on a bun, you can eat it with your salad.  These are really good - lots better than Wendy's!

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